Rates & Booking

Hourly Rate: $40.00

Billed in 15-minute increments.

Daily Rate: $350.00

10-hour attended sessions only.

Booking Policy

All attended sessions are by appointment only and require a minimum of four hours.

Late arrivals with be charged from the scheduled start time.

Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance or be billed for half the scheduled session.

Cancellations after the scheduled start time, or "no-shows," will be billed for the full scheduled session.


As an artist in today's world there are a variety of ways to reach people with your music. To help you achieve your greatest potential, Bovemusic offers the following services:

Music Production

Producing a great musical recording is equally an art as well as a science. Working with professionals that thoroughly understand the process will allow you, the artist, to focus on your inspired creativity and performance. Bovemusic specializes in helping you get the most out of your music by providing expertise in the following areas:

  • Recording: Accurately capturing your unique sound and style, while working together to draw out your strongest performance.
  • Editing: Applying any needed pitch or timing correction, while seamlessly compiling multiple takes into one flawless performance.
  • Mixing: Combining all separate sonic elements, while balancing individual tones and dynamics to yield a professional, balanced musical mix.
  • Mastering: Applying the final stage of processing and polishing to your project before manufacturing or digital distribution.
  • Composition: Helping to construct parts for your songs or to write music for instruments you may be unfamiliar with.
  • Song Arrangement: You already have plenty of material and ideas, but need help sorting everything into a solid composition.
  • Pre-Production: Cut down on excessive time recording in the studio by getting help to develop your creative ideas before you get there.
  • Performance: Helping you discover and resolve any performance issues before and during your recording session.

Video Editing

Bovemusic can help you turn your random video footage, photos, and audio into an impressive promo video for your band or solo project.

Web Design

Need a real website? Bovemusic can build you a simple, yet stylish design that will help define your presence on the web.

Graphic Design

Need help with a concept for your CD or DVD cover? Not sure how to design a layout compatible with commercial print services? How about a logo? Bovemusic can help you create a stunning visual impression.